MVA complies with its program amidst 1000 attendees


Suryabinayak, 9th Bhadra, 2080- Mahendra Vidya Ashram Bhaktapur Pvt. Ltd., shortly recognized as  MVA, held its result of First Terminal Examination 2080 in Thapa Party Palace among the one thousand attendees and well-wishers today.

The result day had special two programs segmented and paced among the parents. The first program was about the school’s complete program launched to achieve academic goals and functions to transform students into an ideal and accommodate them in well-accepted codes of the school. The first segment was introduced by Mr. Samrat Maskey, the Chief Operating Officer of MVA. He showed his great gratitude to his parents and presented his program on how the school is being operated under a managerial team and counterpart wing, recently developed. He further highlighted that the members of this organization have been accommodated in school culture and values. Our motto is to make sound programs required for institution operation and functions that benefit both parents and children from the service we render, said the COO.

The principal of the school highlighted the adopted academic program for the academic session 2080. He further added that the interconnected and internalized program launched levelwisely shall, of course, help our valued parents and children find the education they need in the 21st century. We shall apply all sorts of programs as intended by the curriculum and global education system, nurturing the kids in a cozy learning environment at school, added furthermore. The next segment of the program of the session was Merit Based Scholarship Distribution. The Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Mahendra Prasad Maskey, and the Finance Director, Mrs. Kiran Maskey, respectively distributed cash prizes and certificates to the outstanding students who reached scores of GPA 3.9 onwards along with the parents of respective students. Similarly, Mr. Padam Raj Subedi and Mrs. Jyoti Thapa Shrestha clarified the importance of culture at present among modern children and school academic policy for preschool respectively.

The Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Mahendra Prasad Maskey, thanked all the valued parents for their perennial support and love towards the school and school family. He further stated the importance of parents’ involvement in education and the need to understand the basic principle that has been adopted by the institution to bring a change in the motif of everyone in academic benevolence.

The main objective of the program was to let parents know about MVA  and its programs for the academic progress of the students. We needed to highlight the operating system, academic programs, evaluation system, and establishment of the culture, that we could render among parents, as we did today, said the Founder and Executive Director.

One of the parents, Mrs. Grishma Thokar, in the program responded to the program and complimented for creative and positive thoughts for the enhancement of the students and parents associated with this organization. The program is a real boon for the students and respect to the entire parents and guardians, she said.

The next segment was Result Distribution and refreshment. Parents were distributed with the results of their respective children and offered breakfast.