A milestone for education

Karuna Rai

Grade 10

School Student Representative

Children are sensitive beings with the capacity to significantly improve our contemporary society in the upcoming future through their views and actions. Indulging primarily in the benefit of the students for a better future for society and the nation, MVA has been playing a significant role in enhancing the learning of its students over the course of 37 years, marking more years on its glorious journey in the field of education on every 25th of Poush. On a very brighter side of the node, I am very lucky to be one of those students that MVA has been nourishing for years and more fortunate to represent MVA as the School Student Representative this year. Every year, our school has been giving its best with various activities round the clock be it academic or other curricular activities. The students are given the chance to showcase their talents through these various activities now and then that include programs on morning assemblies, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, School Day, Parents’ Day, Tihar Special Program, exhibitions, external competitions, internal competitions every Friday, and many other such programs. A suitable and friendly atmosphere for developing children’s interests and ideas is guaranteed by MVA in addition to the future. MVA supports the mental and social development of children from the beginning of school. Considering the state of education today, MVA has been grooming its students to go beyond rote learning. They are taught to form their own opinions, and the flexible pedagogies inculcating the curriculum encourage curiosity, inquiry, enthusiasm, and most importantly the eagerness to learn. The students are set free from the restrictions of limited knowledge and are allowed to let enhance and furnish their capacity and capability to their fullest.

Every single personnel in MVA has a mindset that is diving deep into the thought process and actions of giving the children the best of the best education. The major driving force of the institution, our very honorable Executive Director, Mr. Mahendra Prasad Maskey who has contributed more than 40 years in the education sector, has been navigating MVA since its establishment to the height of success it is experiencing at the moment. His valuable guidance to the family of the institution, be it the teachers or the students, has always been a pathfinder view marching towards excellence. The Founder Finance Director, Ms. Kiran Maskey also has been supporting him since the establishment of the institution. No wonder, in the present days, inspired and motivated by his views the school’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Samrat Maskey, and the Principal, Mr. Anil Shrestha has been the strongest pillar of the institution who are further enhancing and designing several programs for the benefit of the students as well as the teachers. Without any doubt, the teachers of MVA are one of the best in the town and have been implementing all the programs of the institution. This team of MVA is the major reason for the nourishment and grooming we get which is one of the most accepted education in the town.

MVA views academic knowledge as one of the most crucial factors in enhancing a child’s general knowledge. Since English has been regarded as a globally accepted language, it is given importance in speech and writing in MVA. In the classroom and on the playground, we engage in social interactions and activities for the further development of our social skills while learning how to create healthy, productive connections. And MVA has always been advising us to enhance our English through the interactions we make at school premises. It aids in raising academic standing as well as in the future endeavor benefitting the students in every phase of their life journey. Not forgetting, MVA also respects the national language and also has been contributing to the development of the Nepali language alongside the English language. It is also assisting in giving us real-world knowledge and instilling discipline and responsibility within ourselves as students. As a result, we grow to be noble citizens of the nation. The main agent behind this growth is the introduction of numerous activities that significantly advance and foster our development. Children are influenced and motivated to grow by teachers and other school personnel through a variety of approaches that encourages self-learning.

A significant focus on the value of creativity is given in MVA. Children are introduced to diverse ideas from which they can acquire tremendous information. The school plans various educational trips and field visits to every class that helps them to have a wider and more practical concept of learning. It also helps to refresh our minds. Those trips have aided in our development of socializing skills as well. Along with academics, our school also gives attention to building the character of the child directing to the correct way of sitting in the class, behaving with students and seniors, juniors, interacting with teachers as well as other staff members, basic etiquette, eating habits, and many more. The culture of the school has been enabling students to explore their skills and develop new areas of skill enhancement. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, our school believes and focuses on providing value-based practical education. Besides these, students are allowed to participate in various competitions even in external events however guided by the assistance and support of the teachers.

MVA has been offering facilities including a library, computer lab, science lab, and safe transportation. Environmental cleanliness and a healthy diet are maintained in the canteen as well as in senior classes. The health of a child is given a high priority. We, students, are asked to bring homemade lunches too. In addition to nail trimming, wearing appropriate and neat uniforms, hair trimming, observing healthy behavior like washing hands, and other practices, our school has prioritized good hygiene. Through several meetings and meet-and-greets, parents are also made aware of their children’s progress along with the children. These are viewed as crucial opportunities for parents to assist and be informed about their children’s education, as well as to provide the time and conditions for their growth and development. Our school has been a proud parent and we students are more than glad to keep up the streaks for our school.

MVA has been standing to its mission and vision for 37 years, counting since the day of its establishment. I am a proud MVAimer, pursuing my education in MVA with all these cultures and etiquettes the school holds and flourished.

Children in MVA are always an MVAimer who are groomed to aim for the best.