The Inspiration of My Life

Teejala Suwal
Grade 9
MVA Upper Elementary Level

My life has become extraordinary and blessed because of other’s inspiration. I think it would be unfair to pinpoint one person or a few people and give them sole credit for my individual development. The person what I am today is what time and experience have made me. Inspiration is generally taken to be a strong person relating it with strong characters enlightening their lives and showing them the right path. There are many people whose activities have influenced my life. Let me mention some of them. They are the poor orphan beggars on the street and world’s famous leaders.

As I walk down to the street, I see so many little children going through rubbish or sitting on the pavements trying to earn for living at such a tender age. I pity them but I feel they offer me much more. I see them every day working hard day and night under very difficult circumstances. But they aren’t complaining and they are living their lives. They have showed me that I have to live my life. I have to work hard. No one simply shouldn’t sit around feeling sorry for them and think that life is meaningless. We have to make the best of what we have. I think I have to work no matter what situation is and that’s what they have taught me.

In the same manner, I have been greatly inspired by the disabled and poor people. I see an old man who lives by the road. He has no legs, but that’s not discouraging him from being an active member of a community. I don’t see him crying. He is the ray of hope to my life. He who has no legs is making the most of his future life. The people who have both legs have not achieved half of what they have. They lay idle and waste their time in vain. He inspired me as I don’t think him as disabled. Although physically challenged, he has overcome what he has lost. Many people look at him but they don’t see that what his life has taught him. He has taught us much. He has taught me to be courageous.

Similarly, a great personality like Nelson Mandela who spent half of his life in prison and the other half fighting for his race, has given me a remarkable motivation. Fighting for equality is another source of inspiration. Princess Diana, who touched the heart of millions, fought against poverty and established many charities for the needy people is another inevitable source of inspiration for me. I could go on and on about Mahatma Gandhi, William Shakespeare and other great personalities. We can gain so much from what they have given and taught us.

The world today, the people I see around me, the little insects on the grass, they all inspire me. They have influenced my life greatly. People are too narrow-minded to notice little things, but they are missing out them. We don’t need to look too far. There is always something else besides us to show us the way, to rekindle the spirit and enlighten the soul. When I see a single mother, a street dog, a homeless child, a bee buzzing onto flowers: I see a ray of light and a vivid trace of inspiration and motivation in their activities.

I am learning from all these people and things. This is what has inspired me to do something significant in life for the sake of mankind. They are my great teachers in a real sense.

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