Why Schooling @MVA

A Head Start To Your Academic Career

Proven Accreditation

Globally bench-marked and highly standardized, schooling at MVA provides excellent preparation for your higher education. This gold standard opens up a world of educational opportunities in the renowned institutions of nation and abroad.

Worldwide Acceptance

Widely recognized, schooling under the National Educational Board (NEB) is taken in over hundreds of schools in the city. It is accepted as an entry qualification for higher studies and carries acceptance in many of the renowned institutes around the globe.


Design & Content

The course design at MVA develops in-depth subject knowledge and deep understanding. The content is not limited to text books but includes wide-ranging choices, diverse needs, interests and goals.

Self Study & Responsibility

Motivated study brings greater clarity and better comprehension. Individual effort leads to a sense of responsibility, time management, and goal setting with all the determination & freedom needed for self-development.


Performance Appraisal

We carry well sorted mechanism for identifying strengths and weaknesses of every individual prior to final assessment. This feedback helps in setting targets with the motivation and momentum to complete the course.

Reporting & Examination

Achievement is reported on a grade scale from A+ grade, the highest, to E, the minimum. Examinations take place throughout the year with results issued within fortnight facilitating student preparation.


Newness & Excitement

Highly valued, schooling at MVA has earned placements & scholarships at the renowned institutions in the nation. They open doors to almost limitless possibilities to learners and bring lifelong success in tomorrow’s world.

The Best Experience Ever

To me, MVA is much more than a school, it’s an institution that molds entire futures. Coming into MVA with a plethora of learning differences, MVA has not only helped me academically, but truly helped me better understand myself and my capabilities. From the start, each student is informed that CAN’T is an excuse, and that greatness is in everyone’s future. MVA always admired me when I stood, comforted me when I broke and cheered me when I recovered. At MVA, teachers believed in me, allowing me to believe in myself. From academics to social skills, I have learned to adapt in the real world and succeed. The values that MVA taught then, and that I still hold true now, has made me who I am today. I have inscribed MVA in my soul.
Samrat Maskey
Ex-MVAimer - Batch 2067
Chief Operating Officer