Mahendra Prasad Maskey

Founder Executive Director, MVA

Situated at the very heart of this dynamic stimulating city, MVA Secondary Boarding School is warm and friendly and offers the highest standards of idyllic care. Having developed its reputation for high-quality holistic education for around four decades, today’s school has more than 600 students aged 2-16, representing overall communities of the nation.

What makes MVA a genuinely special place is our family. A visit to our school will leave you marveling at our students. They exude the right sort of confidence and are bursting to exhibit all the amazing learning experiences that they enjoy every day. The programs we offer are centered around the concept of developing students into academically sound, socially responsible, and morally upright citizens. It is quite inspirational to see how this relentless focus on the child, supports them through their formative years. It is no surprise that students from our schools excel in the highly rigorous and respected pathway to the best higher education institutions in the nation and abroad.

The driving force of every successful school is the staff team. At MVA, our faculty members are dedicated to helping children discover and shape their dreams. They understand that engaging and motivating students in their learning is essential and that instilling self-belief is the first step to success in life. As a school, we have a strong focus on professional development and teachers pride themselves on being better practitioners when they leave the school than when they arrived.

We are justifiably proud of our academic performance but, with our definitive attributes underpinning all that we do, education here means so much more than the pursuit of top grades. Sport and the arts, community service, and volunteer activities are all central to the balanced program we offer at MVA, and we are acutely aware of our obligation to prepare young people to make their way in the world as confident, caring, and responsible citizens.

At MVA, we take pride in our spirit of continuous improvement and refinement of practices as we continue to leverage our strengths and celebrate the accomplishments of our school community. We are focused on being deliberate and creative, planned and authentic, and flexible and purposeful in our work.

Our school is a powerful learning community where student voice and self-advocacy are celebrated. It is for this reason that, as our most important and valued asset, we feel it is imperative to listen to and validate student “voice.” More importantly, it is our ability to both acknowledge and recognize the need to change our practices in service of their evolving learning needs.

And as the cliché goes, I expect all my young MVAimers to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them transcending from mediocrity and procrastination to preeminence.

Embracing Culture Empowering Education