A Cultural Embracement by MVA; Ghintang Ghisi


Barahi Pith, Bhaktapur, 19th Bhadra, 2080- MVA observed Ghintang Ghisi, a musical procession on the occasion of Saparu today.

MVA led approximately 350 students along with the faculty members in the procession. The students from grades 7 to 10 were involved in the program. The procession was led by the banner of the day, dancing pairs of 27, and musical groups. The musical groups were followed by the students in different cultural dresses performing the stick dance and theme voices, set for the day, and students with different placards in both Nepali and English voicing to preserve the Nepali culture as identity and necessity for the upcoming generation.

The procession as an event started from the school at around 10:00 a.m. from the route set for the procession from the school, Bansagopal, Tekhapukhu, Itachhen, Durbar Square, Sakhotha, Tamari:, Talakwo, Ram Mandir, Gapali, `Suryabinayak and finally at school. The cultural procession lasted around 2 hours.

The Executive Director, Mr. Mahendra Prasad Maskey clarified the objectives of the program to be held timely on different occasions. He further said this type of program will help us identify the culture, customs, and rituals we possess among the children who need to adjust themselves in society. We are guiding our children in their cultural transformation.

We want our students to learn a better culture and teach the modern society about the belongings they have been transferred to them as a reflection of enriched life in the past, said the MVA Chief Operation Officer, Mr. Samrat Maskey. Coordinating the program of the day. This event, undoubtedly, develops a sense of fraternity and integrity among the communities we have at our school and help in the socialization of new generation like our students. This will help them to work in mass and learn about mass management, one of the basic needs for an individual. Our intention is to impart quality education along with cultural development in children, he further added.

This event has been fruitful to our children and the school has been able to equip the cultural discipline among the children as one of the major tasks of education, said the school Principal, Mr. Anil Shrestha. He claimed the school has widened its area of teaching from a cultural aspect. He believes the culture possessed by students leads them to have a good education that society wants to build.

The students thanked to school administration for holding such programmes for overall development of them and their future preparedness.